Friday, March 25, 2011

Semi finals and tears

Unfortunately we lost the semi finals (and no that has nothing to do with the word 'tears' in the title) but we all did wel, so great job team!
I'm kinda pissed off right now though, so I'm gonna rant and swear and yell and tell you all how suckish my life is in the next few paragraphs so you don't have to read if you don't want to.

It all started at the end of basketball we'd all congratulated each other and gone our separate ways. In the car my sister says "Didnt Grace (i changed the name of one of my teamates) play so well? She was awesome, did you see her?" sorry if I got a little pissed off at that but she hadn't even said well done to me or even 'good try' I was also slightly annoyed at my mum and sister cause earlier this week my sister got the lead role in the play they are performing and mum was saying how great that was and all that praise and stuff. I usually wouldn't have minded but this week I got a good school report, had my immunization needles, played in the semi finals AND had a great first game of netball. But did I get very much praise for that? No, it was all about how great my sister is. I'M SICK OF IT!!! All the time everyone tells me that she's such a little angel and that she's so fantastic. I know I probably just sound like a jealous sister BUT I AM. When my sister is around it's all about HER. Anyway, I doubt anyone read this, but I just needed to type how frustrated i am! So thats why I'm typing this in tears.

Lots of love
Jaffa xx


  1. Aww don't be jealous of her Jaffa, jealousy is a poison. You deserve to be congratulated, you did well. I think it's because your sister is younger than you so gets all the attention, y'know?
    Your sister sounds very selfish and it's your parent's fault for not congratulating you when you've done well.

    Congratulations for doing well in the basketball competition Jaffa!

  2. Oh Jaffa!

    *hugs her*

    don't you worry! I have two younger brothers and I know EXACTLY how you feel! One is 1yrs old and it's always about him! His first word, ooh, LOOK! He's crawling again!

    but wen i audition and get into music extension, do I get praise?


    anyway, the point I am trying to get across (in which I've probably failed at!) is that u are not alone! I ADORE my brothers, but we are siblings, so one is always favoured over the other at one time or another...

    But you did AMAZING Jaffa!
    Don't worry what other people think! You can do it! And you have accomplished TONS for a 12 yr old!

    my school injections r vis Mon and Tues... EEEP!



    *hugs her again*


  3. *hugs* Great job, you, on all of it!

  4. *hugs Jaffa*

    My dear friend. You are a spectacular and beautiful person full of life and talent! I don't know why some family members are careless with the ones they are suppose to nurture and cherish. You have been strong and have pressed on and done your best despite this.
    I pray that your mom will open her eyes and see what an incredible person you are and begin to support you like she should have been doing all along.

  5. Keep on going Jaffa. We all will be cheering for you all the way!

  6. Jaffa i know how you feel my brothers steal the spot light away from me too and i can't STAND it! but anyways

    AWESOME JOB!!! i mean i could NEVER make it into the semi-finals for ANYTHING and i mean anything its awesome that you at least made it into one of the final rounds and you tried and did your best and that is all that matters

  7. My friend! I have not been able to speak with you in far to long! :(
    How are you doing?
    I saw that you had posted something on your oc but then deleted it. I hope you repost. I really would like to see what ever you post on your oc.