Thursday, March 3, 2011

SP fanfic part 2

I will try to make this longer but no promises :P

She was sure she had lost them. Resting for a few moments, she sat down and stared at the stars. She was hoping to reach Elysium Asylum by tonight. Getting up once again she started off towards shelter and hopefully some decent food.

After several more hours of walking in the rain she finally reach Elysium Asylum. Any mortal would not notice, let alone find it odd, that there was a gardener watering an empty field in the middle of a storm. When she saw this, she knew she had made it. As soon as she walked through the forcefield she saw the mansion and it was amazing. Way to tired to really take everything in she just stepped in the doors hoping to find someone to show her a room.

She turned to the left and saw a seemingly young girl who didn't look much older than herself slide down the stair banister, do a front flip and land neatly in front of her.
"Hi, I'm Kallista Pendragon, who are you?" the mysterious girl said brightly.
"I'm Jaffa Morbid" she replied.
"Nice to meet you Miss Morbid" Kallista said politely.
"Just call me Jaffa" she said with a weak smile "I'd love to stay and chat but can you please tell me where I can find a room?" Jaffa said quietly
"Of course!" Kallista smiled enthusiastically "You can stay in the room across from mine!"
"Cool!" Jaffa replied a bit more brightly, some of Kallista's enthusiasm was rubbing off on her. For the first time Kallista noticed Jaffa was soaking wet.
"You're drenched!" Kallista exclaimed.
"Yeah" Jaffa laughed back "Thanks for noticing" both of the girls started laughing at this until some grumpy old codger poked his head out of his room and told them to shut up then threw a shoe at them. Which in turn just made them burst into a fresh fit of giggles.
"I'll explain tomorrow" Jaffa said once the giggles had subsided. Kallista led her back up the staircase and through many winding corridors and eventually pushed open a door to a very large
"It's amazing!" Jaffa whispered in awe. Kallista just chuckled and Jaffa's expression.
"My room is just across if you need me. Maybe tomorrow I could give you a tour?"
Jaffa smiled "I would love that thank you Kallista. See you in the morning!"
With a quick wave Kallista exited and Jaffa had a shower, put on some pjs shed found in the closet and crawled into bed, for once in her life, she had a friend.


  1. MORE PLEASE!!!!! Brilliant work! still wish you would have continued the first one too but then again this one is also really really good and now im blathering WOOPIE!!!! *runs around in circles taling nonsense until she runs into a wall* ouch ill be going now *clutches her nose as she leaves*

  2. WOOOT! I love it Jaffa! Fantastic! I wonder who the old coot was! LOL I really love how you brought Elysium Asylum into it! I can't wait to read more!
    *runs after Skulgirl holding a bandaid*


    (i wanna slide down a banister!)

  4. *cough cough*

    Heres character OC

    Name: March (Mar) Pathway.
    Age: 65, but looks 11 (Born 1946)
    Gender: Female.
    Height: four foot nine/five foot
    Weight: seventy pounds.
    Eye Color: sparkling blue.
    Hair: A dark, crimson, red, to mid-back.
    Personality: A bright personality, doesn't normally hold grudges. Very friendly. 
    Clothes: White long sleeved shirt, with black vest. White jeans, black hiking boots.
    Nationality/accent: Irish, very slight irish accent.
    History: Lived with her Father first few years of life, her mom disappeared when right after she was born. She then lived with her grandparents, who didn't know about magic. It was there she learned about her shapeshifting abilities. However because she was a beginner, she would turn at the oddest moments, but somehow kept magic a secret. When she was older she ran into Dusk, and he recognized her and tried to bite her. Inashi Kaen came and saved her that time, and told Mar that she in fact was also a vampire. Mar then met up with Mira, her childhood friend, and found out Mira was a adept too. A little ninja adept thing.
    Magical Abilities: Chose the path of a adept. Can shape shift into any animal that she is very familiar with. Enjoy's turning into a little grey main coon cat the most.
    Hand held weapons: A small, ruby dagger that she hides in her boot. Also loves using a fry pan. And everyday objects. Uses dagger only if she absolutely has to.
    Friends: Mir, Soot, Shana, Ariana, Inyashi, Norah, Kallista Pendragon, Dragona Pine, Aquila Felis,
    Enemies: Not really much...
    Likes: Cookies. She also like cooking Mir her prized 'Muffins of Death', and then playing dodgeball with them.
    Dislikes: Indoors, enclosed spaces.

  5. Freakin' awesome.

    :DDDDD Nice work there with the gardener bit. And I love how you portrayed it as a safe haven, which 'tis :)

    Please write more! I'd love to hear about who was chasing her.

  6. MORE!


    can i b in it?



    oh, by the way, i read the Hunger Games...

    they're really good!

    i just don't like the ending...


  7. AMAZING! I LOVE IT! although not much has happened so far, i can see a wonderful story forming! THIS is leading to GREATNESS my friend! MARVELLOUS!