Friday, July 26, 2013

Good Deeds

Hey guys!
So recently (well today) I've started trying to make a difference. On Wednesday in chapel (I'm not majorly religious but chapel is once a week at school) Father Tony talked about a shoebox thing. It's where you fill a shoebox with things like school supplies, coloring pencils, clothe ect. and they are then sent off at Christmas time to children around the world.

Today, some friends and my self went shopping and manage to fill a total of two boxes thus far. Now I'm not rich, I'm fact my family sometimes barely makes it by, but I love helping others. So I've started saving up my money so I can do as many as I can :)
I very much urge you all to do the same. Any way you can help will always be appreciated by someone somewhere.

What I am doing is Operation Christmas Child
I am aware it's only available for Aus and NZ 
but I'm sure there's organizations like it all over
 the world. Please do whatever you can.
If you want more info or want me to share more
About it, let me know!

-Katie xxx

Friday, July 5, 2013


I know I haven't been around much, and it sucks. I miss you guys heaps and I really wish we were all in contact more.

But since I first joined, a lot has changed. My whole life was tipped on it's head and I'm still adjusting. I miss the 2am conversations, fanfictions and OCs. Kallista, Hellboy, Dragona, Nicolette, Nyx, Pandora, all of you who I missed. I still remember you and all our conversations.

If you want to contact me, please don't hesitate.
My email:
My Tumblr:
My Twitter: MsKatieLouise98

So, since I've changed, and I'm sure you guys have too. I'd like to re-introduce myself.

Name: Katie
OC: Jaffa Morbid
Interests: Music, Gaming, Doctor Who, Nerdfighteria, Youtube, Tumblr, Supernatural, Glee, Harry Potter, Ballet

I hope some of you will see this and reply, or hopefully contact me.

-Katie xx