Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sometimes Shit Happens, And Sometimes it Gets Better.

So, an explanation of why I haven't been around... (If anyone cares)
As most of you know, I self-harm. Now, 3 of my friends (In real life) know this. Let's call them A, J and B. On the second last week on term 1, J went to the school councillor and turned me in. Apparently she was extremely worried. This was the day my life took a huge plot twist. J went to see the councillor at recess, next period I was pulled out of this talk we were having with an author (It was literature week) and sent to the councillor. After I came back down I was trying not to break down or lose it. I caught the last 20 minutes of the talk but then we still had 10 minutes of class left, as we left the talk I ran into B. Quick Sidenote: B is one of my best friends and I had a crush on him at this point. He noticed I was upset so he said he'd meet with me at lunch. So at lunch I pretty much broke down and told him everything. He was amazing about it. I ran into A & J at lunch and J had explained to A what happened. To put it nicely, I was pissed off. I was trying to be nice as I could but, what was I supposed to do?

A couple of days later, the school called my mum and now she and most of the teachers know, so I am extremely pissed at the councillor because not only did she tell everyone, I DIDN'T get to tell mum myself and now mum is sending me to a councillor outside of school... fun.

Now for the good news. One of my other closest friends, D, knows and he has been awesome. I'm still friends with A & J but sometimes it gets difficult and as of the 30th of April, B is my boyfriend. I actually have a boyfriend :D still trying to get used to that. The only annoying thing is that both B and D are in the year above A, J & me so we only get to hang out at Recess, Lunch and RPG (Role Play Games). So, there you have it. Sometimes it feels like I'm living in a novel and someone is writing out my life. For the record, I hate going to the councillor, but having great friends really helps.