Friday, July 29, 2011

My Birthday!

Hey! Soooo sorry I haven't updated for a while, I'm a terrible, terrible person :P
Anyway, on the 7th August, IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!! I turn 13! Wow, I'm getting old :P lol.
So, this is my birthday list, I did it as a joke on Facebook :D

Birthday presents list! (lol, don't take this too seriously, not expecting much :D a hug will do)

Book. Chocolate
Anything Doctor Who. Justin Bieber poster and a sharpie (can you guess? Lol)
Anything Primeval. A Guitar
Bubble Wrap. A hug :D
Jar of nutella. Anything Harry Potter
Series 1 of NCIS Nerf Gun

(a cyber hug will do :P )

Lastly, before I go. WHERE ON EARTH ARE YOU GUYS CHATTING? AND HOW DO YOU WORK THAT THING AQUILA SET UP? Because I am seriously confuzzled and I haven't spoken to you guys for AGES!

Jaffa xx

Thursday, July 14, 2011


The 11th-13th of July were the best three days of my life. (and has the font changed on this thing?)
I'll explain it day by day.

Monday (11th): My first day at NIDA. There were only 5 people in my course, including me. We were doing Writing Doctor Who. So, on the first day we just met the Tutor and each other then studied different genre's and actual Doctor Who scripts! We got to read through the scripts and be the characters which was REALLY fun. We also got to watch bits of different episodes. Plus we found out what we'd be doing for the next 2 days.

Tuesday (12th): We started to write our own 5min Doctor Who adventures! It was actually really difficult creating our own adventures, aliens, planets and trying to make sure the characters were in character. We also got to watch a few more bits of episodes.

Tuesday Night/Wednesday Morning: My mum's friend picked me up from NIDA and I went back to her place for dinner and to get ready. She had made me the most EPIC cloak EVER!!!!!! We had a couple of hours to kill so we watched the first part of The Deathly Hallows. Then we got into our outfits (I wore a black shirt that had the Slytherin crest on it, my jeans, odd Converse, my awesome cloak, a homemade wand, a witches hat and neon purple hairspray) and headed into the city, we got to the cinema at 11:30pm and went to get our online tickets. It was INSANE!! There were people everywhere, like, hundreds of people dressed up, about 5 screens were showing HP. Almost everyone was dressed up (for all those fellow Starkids, there was even a Rumbleroar and a Ron Weasley witha blue headband!) and I was seeing it in 3D. Guess what? My 3D glasses were HP shaped! When we got into the theatre, before the movie started 2 random people started having a wizarding duel. It was epic!! By the time the movie had finished it was 3am!

Wednesday (13th): My last day at NIDA. I got to NIDA running on 4hrs sleep and some chocolate. That morning we met the actors who were in the other Doctor Who class, there were only 6 of them, they were going to act out our scripts for us. So we spent the rest of the morning finishing our scripts. Then at lunch we sat with the actors and we all ended up being really good friends. I also ended up having a coca-cola and some more chocolate to keep me awake. In the afternoon, we all went back with the actors and we were given the actors we needed (it was decided earlier that day) for about half an hour to work with and figure it out with. Then the actors performed our mini episodes that we had written and directed. It was an AMAZING 3 days and I made some brilliant friends :D I hope I'll get to see them again.

Sorry for not updating sooner. I hope you are all ok :)

Jaffa xx

Sunday, July 3, 2011

I. Hate. Moving

Now, when I say moving, I don't mean putting one foot in front of the other, I mean moving house to half way across town. And that is why I haven't been able to update (Sorry!) because there is no Internet connection at the new house yet. I'm typing this in a hotel room in Sydney. My dad has come over from England so we drove the three hours up to Sydney last night and had to pick him up at some ungodly hour of the morning (his flight landed at 7:30!)
BUT there are a few other reasons I'm in Sydney.

1. NIDA (national institute of dramatic arts). My sister and I are doing a NIDA course. Hers is tomorrow and mine is the 11-13. Guess what THEY'RE DOCTOR WHO THEMED COURSES!!! I get to do script writing and using the green screen :D

2. ITS HARRY POTTER!!!! I am going to the midnight premier of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 IN SYDNEY!!!! I am sooooooooo excited! Hehehehe :P

Must be going now, hope to update more regularly now :D I'll tell you about NIDA and Harry Potter if you want :)

Fun and Hugs,
Jaffa xx