Friday, March 25, 2011

Semi finals and tears

Unfortunately we lost the semi finals (and no that has nothing to do with the word 'tears' in the title) but we all did wel, so great job team!
I'm kinda pissed off right now though, so I'm gonna rant and swear and yell and tell you all how suckish my life is in the next few paragraphs so you don't have to read if you don't want to.

It all started at the end of basketball we'd all congratulated each other and gone our separate ways. In the car my sister says "Didnt Grace (i changed the name of one of my teamates) play so well? She was awesome, did you see her?" sorry if I got a little pissed off at that but she hadn't even said well done to me or even 'good try' I was also slightly annoyed at my mum and sister cause earlier this week my sister got the lead role in the play they are performing and mum was saying how great that was and all that praise and stuff. I usually wouldn't have minded but this week I got a good school report, had my immunization needles, played in the semi finals AND had a great first game of netball. But did I get very much praise for that? No, it was all about how great my sister is. I'M SICK OF IT!!! All the time everyone tells me that she's such a little angel and that she's so fantastic. I know I probably just sound like a jealous sister BUT I AM. When my sister is around it's all about HER. Anyway, I doubt anyone read this, but I just needed to type how frustrated i am! So thats why I'm typing this in tears.

Lots of love
Jaffa xx

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pizza Parties and Needles

WOOHOO! My basketball team made it to the semi-finals! On Tuesday all of the junior basketball teams had a pizza party and we got to miss fifteen minutes of Maths! It was really cool cause there were 22 pizzas and lollies and we all got a can of fizzy drink each, it was brilliant
:P wish me luck because the semis are tomorrow night! Ok, so in the heading I said needles, let me explain. Today we had to have immunization injections, most of the girls were complaining about how much it hurt, it barely hurt at all :P On the plus side, we got to leave netball training 20mins early to watch a rugby game because some people from a school in Canada are staying for a week. It was really good cause we got to watch a heap of fit boys run around, lol. Hope everyone is well.

Lots of love
Jaffa xx

P.S. I'm working on the next bit of my fanfic, promise!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Blue Day, Basketball, Colonial Day, Sick Days, Ninjas, More Basketball, Netball, Shopping and JAFFACAKES!!!

I'm sorry, I know I haven't updated properly for a while, please don't hit me!
Ok, I'm gonna do this in little sections cause otherwise it will be too tedious and long to read.

Let's start off with,
Blue Day: So this took place last Friday. What happened was to raise money for the worlds
greatest shave and cancer research, everyone had to come to school wearing mufty
clothes but we had to wear at least one blue item of clothing and give a gold coin
donation. Then later on in the day they sold bandannas and fizzy drinks to raise
money, and some of the teachers shaved their heads!

Basketball: Yeah, yeah, I know I post about basketball a lot but I don't really have a life :P
This basketball game went really well, I managed to get in a fair few baskets and
so did my friend. I also managed to get in both free shots! So I was VERY proud of
myself. It was actually a pretty good game.

Colonial Day: Well, at this big estate house type thingy they had this event called 'Colonial
Day' it was where you could come dressed up (or not) as someone from colonial
times and do different activities and buy stuff. I had to go because my music
class had to take turns to perform in groups through out the day. It wasn't too
bad, there was a live gun demonstration and I got to do archery which was
AWESOME! It turned out to be a pretty good day.

Sick Days: On Tuesday I wasn't feeling too well so I got to stay home from school! I ended up
staying off school on Tuesday and Wednesday, at first it was alright but the I got
EXTREMELY bored. Who would have thought I'd miss going to school? Anyway, I'm
feeling much better but I'm still a little stuffy :P

Ninjas: In Japanese class we had to present a slide show on something to do with japan, like
history or clothing, or architecture or food or something like that. I did NINJAS! I
mean seriously, Ninjas are EPIC! I think my teacher was quite impressed. :)

More Basketball: Hehe, more basketball. Our game went well, we won by quite a lot which was
good AND we're in the semi-finals!! *does some celebratory disco dancing*
there were a couple of girls who annoyed me but that's about it. When our
game finished we went and watched the boys game and we even got to help keep

Netball: WOOT! It's netball season again! I love playing netball so it was great to be back on
the court. Unfortunately, this year I had a completely different team but for our
first game together we did pretty well, especially since we were up against year
eights and nines and our team are all year sevens. We didn't win but we weren't
flogged which was good. I can't wait until our next game!

Shopping: While I was at netball, my sister went to a friends house so after my game finished
me and my mum went and got some lunch together then went into town. Usually I don't
really like shopping for clothes or shoes or stuff like that but I ended up having
heaps of fun! Mum bought me 2 new t-shirts, some black and purple skate shoes (well,
they're kind of like skate shoes) and ....................A PAIR OF MULTI COLOURED
CONVERSE! (actually they're converse knock offs but they're still awesome.)

JAFFACAKES!: On the way back to the car after shopping, we stopped it the food shop and as a
special treat mum bought us some JAFFACAKES! They were soooo yummy!

Well, that's about it for now!
Lots of love
Jaffa xx

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Quick update

SORRY! I know it's been AGES since I updated, I've been sooooo busy!
Anyway, this isn't a proper post, I just need help from anyone willing to contribute.
In class, I have to write a speech for public speaking, my topic is bullying.
I was just wondering if any of you or your friends have been bullied or anything like that
I was hoping you could share some information with me. I've decided to write my speech in a
victims POV, this time I'm not trying to win, I just want to get the message of how much damaging bullying can do and what it feels like. If any of you wish to hel me then that would be fantastic, just leave your story/idea in the comments.

Lots of love
Jaffa xx

Friday, March 4, 2011

Basketball and Boys

Played basketball again this week. We got absolutely flogged. Isn't that great? Anyway, winning's not everything and we played our best so I can't complain. There weren't any annoying girls this week, thank goodness! Now, despite how you might interpret the title (especially you girls) I'll tell you now that it doesn't involve cute boys (well, maybe. But that's not what I mean) or dates or boy stalking or anything along those lines. What REALLY happened was, after our game (the girls team) we were sitting down catching our breath when some of the boys from our class asked if any of us would play in their game because they were 2 players down. At first we were reluctant because they are much better players than us but in the end we took turns to sub on. I was only supposed to go on once but one of the boys got injured so I got to go back on. In the end we smashed the other team (not literally of course but there were a couple of the opposition I was close to beating up) It was quite funny though
Because they boy I was defending was half the size of me so when I got the ball he couldn't reach it at all :P Well, that's about all. Nothing exciting has really happened this week but I'll tell you about it if something comes up!

Jaffa xx

Thursday, March 3, 2011

SP fanfic part 2

I will try to make this longer but no promises :P

She was sure she had lost them. Resting for a few moments, she sat down and stared at the stars. She was hoping to reach Elysium Asylum by tonight. Getting up once again she started off towards shelter and hopefully some decent food.

After several more hours of walking in the rain she finally reach Elysium Asylum. Any mortal would not notice, let alone find it odd, that there was a gardener watering an empty field in the middle of a storm. When she saw this, she knew she had made it. As soon as she walked through the forcefield she saw the mansion and it was amazing. Way to tired to really take everything in she just stepped in the doors hoping to find someone to show her a room.

She turned to the left and saw a seemingly young girl who didn't look much older than herself slide down the stair banister, do a front flip and land neatly in front of her.
"Hi, I'm Kallista Pendragon, who are you?" the mysterious girl said brightly.
"I'm Jaffa Morbid" she replied.
"Nice to meet you Miss Morbid" Kallista said politely.
"Just call me Jaffa" she said with a weak smile "I'd love to stay and chat but can you please tell me where I can find a room?" Jaffa said quietly
"Of course!" Kallista smiled enthusiastically "You can stay in the room across from mine!"
"Cool!" Jaffa replied a bit more brightly, some of Kallista's enthusiasm was rubbing off on her. For the first time Kallista noticed Jaffa was soaking wet.
"You're drenched!" Kallista exclaimed.
"Yeah" Jaffa laughed back "Thanks for noticing" both of the girls started laughing at this until some grumpy old codger poked his head out of his room and told them to shut up then threw a shoe at them. Which in turn just made them burst into a fresh fit of giggles.
"I'll explain tomorrow" Jaffa said once the giggles had subsided. Kallista led her back up the staircase and through many winding corridors and eventually pushed open a door to a very large
"It's amazing!" Jaffa whispered in awe. Kallista just chuckled and Jaffa's expression.
"My room is just across if you need me. Maybe tomorrow I could give you a tour?"
Jaffa smiled "I would love that thank you Kallista. See you in the morning!"
With a quick wave Kallista exited and Jaffa had a shower, put on some pjs shed found in the closet and crawled into bed, for once in her life, she had a friend.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

SP Fanfiction

I'm writing this on my iPad so please excuse me if some stuff doesn't sound/look right. Also, I have just started reading the Hunger Games trilogy. They are AMAZING! I highly suggest you read them, they are a fantastic read. Anyway, on with the fanfiction!

Her clothes were soaked but the rain hurtled down relentless and unforgiving making her dark hair stick to her pale face. The twigs snapped loudly as her feet pounded against the ground. Fatigue was starting to set in, she'd been running non-stop for hours now because she knew that if she paused for even the slightest amount of time, she knew she would be a goner.
There was one place she could only hope she would be excepted, Elysium Asylum. The only question was whether she could make it.

I know, i know it was short. I just wanted your opinion on whether I should continue or not.

Jaffa xx