Tuesday, November 29, 2011

NaNoWriMo Fail...

Soooooo, maybe next year? (I blame exams)

Letter 2: Your Crush

Dear Crush,

Well, you’re currently non-existent so this’ll be short :P No one ever ‘like likes’ me, I’m always just a ‘friend’ so at the moment the only ‘crush’ I have is a fangirl crush *cough*DarrenCriss*cough* or a crush on a fictional character. Why are all the good ones fictional or not possible to have? *sigh* Not. Cool. Anyway, no crushes here so I’m just going to end this now.


Katie xx

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Letter 1: Your Best Friend.

Dear Best Friend,

You don’t exist. Simple as that. Yes, I have close friends, but not a best friend. My best friend is imaginary, books, fiction, my own creation because no one else gets it. There’s no one to tell, no one who could possibly understand me, no one who I can just call when needed, no one who I can go on vacation with, meet up at a moments notice, like the same things I do and won’t criticise my rambling or obsessions. So, there you have it, no best friend to write to, just myself. Thank you my imagination!


Katie xx

30 Letter Challenge

So, I was trolling through Tumblr and I found this thing where there are 30 subjects and you write a letter about each one. For example, the first 'Letter' is to Your Best Friend. I'm going to post 30 letters :) you can do it to if you want! They are all going to be 100% true  and completely from the heart. I'll post my first letter shortly :D

Jaffa xx

Friday, November 11, 2011


Hey guys!
Sorry I haven't been around for ages! I've had these awful things called...EXAMS!! I only have 3 weeks of school left do I promise as soon as I'm free for the summer holidays I'll update much more frequently. Plus, I have some photos I wanna show you guys :)
Ok, one more thing, I have Tumblr! And I have no idea how to use it... anyway, if you wanna check out my Tumblr feel free :) confessionsofanerdydreamer.tumblr.com

See ya all soon! I promise!

Jaffa xx