Sunday, June 24, 2012


Hey guys!!!
Just got skype! Come and talk to me  I'm Cariad_HalfElf

If you want to come chat to me, tell me you skype name and we can chat :)

Hopefully speak to you soon!

Lots of love,
Jaffa xx

Sunday, June 17, 2012

New Phone = More Blogging!

Hiya folks!
How've you been? Sorry I haven't been around much, had a lot of stuff happening but now I have a new phone, I can blog more! :D Well, strictly speaking it's not really a 'new phone' you see, my old phone was really spazzy. It wouldn't always send or receive texts and it was on a really bad payment plan and mum got sick of it. So she bought the new iPhone 4 (you know, the one with Siri?) and I got her previous iPhone :D I downloaded the Blogger app so now I can update whenever and I can upload photos straight away! Yay!! You shall hopefully see more of me now :)

Love from,
Jaffa xx