Saturday, March 19, 2011

Blue Day, Basketball, Colonial Day, Sick Days, Ninjas, More Basketball, Netball, Shopping and JAFFACAKES!!!

I'm sorry, I know I haven't updated properly for a while, please don't hit me!
Ok, I'm gonna do this in little sections cause otherwise it will be too tedious and long to read.

Let's start off with,
Blue Day: So this took place last Friday. What happened was to raise money for the worlds
greatest shave and cancer research, everyone had to come to school wearing mufty
clothes but we had to wear at least one blue item of clothing and give a gold coin
donation. Then later on in the day they sold bandannas and fizzy drinks to raise
money, and some of the teachers shaved their heads!

Basketball: Yeah, yeah, I know I post about basketball a lot but I don't really have a life :P
This basketball game went really well, I managed to get in a fair few baskets and
so did my friend. I also managed to get in both free shots! So I was VERY proud of
myself. It was actually a pretty good game.

Colonial Day: Well, at this big estate house type thingy they had this event called 'Colonial
Day' it was where you could come dressed up (or not) as someone from colonial
times and do different activities and buy stuff. I had to go because my music
class had to take turns to perform in groups through out the day. It wasn't too
bad, there was a live gun demonstration and I got to do archery which was
AWESOME! It turned out to be a pretty good day.

Sick Days: On Tuesday I wasn't feeling too well so I got to stay home from school! I ended up
staying off school on Tuesday and Wednesday, at first it was alright but the I got
EXTREMELY bored. Who would have thought I'd miss going to school? Anyway, I'm
feeling much better but I'm still a little stuffy :P

Ninjas: In Japanese class we had to present a slide show on something to do with japan, like
history or clothing, or architecture or food or something like that. I did NINJAS! I
mean seriously, Ninjas are EPIC! I think my teacher was quite impressed. :)

More Basketball: Hehe, more basketball. Our game went well, we won by quite a lot which was
good AND we're in the semi-finals!! *does some celebratory disco dancing*
there were a couple of girls who annoyed me but that's about it. When our
game finished we went and watched the boys game and we even got to help keep

Netball: WOOT! It's netball season again! I love playing netball so it was great to be back on
the court. Unfortunately, this year I had a completely different team but for our
first game together we did pretty well, especially since we were up against year
eights and nines and our team are all year sevens. We didn't win but we weren't
flogged which was good. I can't wait until our next game!

Shopping: While I was at netball, my sister went to a friends house so after my game finished
me and my mum went and got some lunch together then went into town. Usually I don't
really like shopping for clothes or shoes or stuff like that but I ended up having
heaps of fun! Mum bought me 2 new t-shirts, some black and purple skate shoes (well,
they're kind of like skate shoes) and ....................A PAIR OF MULTI COLOURED
CONVERSE! (actually they're converse knock offs but they're still awesome.)

JAFFACAKES!: On the way back to the car after shopping, we stopped it the food shop and as a
special treat mum bought us some JAFFACAKES! They were soooo yummy!

Well, that's about it for now!
Lots of love
Jaffa xx


  1. YAY!

    go Jaffa!

    *joins in on dancing*

    damn1 now i want Jaffa cake!

    YAY! i <3 vose shoes!

    *looks at her tattered sandals

    i think i need new shoes....

    You are one awesome girl Jaffa! :D I'm glad you had fun for most of your week. That's cool about the report on ninjas. I bet the whole class was impressed! :D

  3. O_O Everyone's talking about these so-called 'Jaffa Cakes'. I saw a picture.

    And now my very soul wants them O_O

    And also, who thinks you don't have a life? I'd say it sounds like a pretty good one you're leading, with blogging, basketball, Jaffa Freakin' Cakes and Ninjas.