Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I am a Horrible Person...

I am SO sorry I haven't update!!! I had a sprained wrist and then school got in the way and AHHHHH!!!
Anyway, I'm at home sick so I thought I might as well update :)

Questions: Are any of you Nerdfighters?
                  Do any of you watch Torchwood and/or Doctor Who?
                  Are any of you Aussie minions going to see Derek when he comes over? I am going to ask
                  Mum to take me :D


In January of next year I'm going to America, and then in July of next year, I'm going to Cornwall and Cardiff!!!! Do any of you live in those areas? If yes, then EMAIL MEEEEEE!!!!

Oh, I also got braces during the holidays and they are super annoying. I have to go to the Orthodontist today as well -_- fun...

Well, bye for now, hope I see you all soon :D

Jaffa xx