Friday, March 4, 2011

Basketball and Boys

Played basketball again this week. We got absolutely flogged. Isn't that great? Anyway, winning's not everything and we played our best so I can't complain. There weren't any annoying girls this week, thank goodness! Now, despite how you might interpret the title (especially you girls) I'll tell you now that it doesn't involve cute boys (well, maybe. But that's not what I mean) or dates or boy stalking or anything along those lines. What REALLY happened was, after our game (the girls team) we were sitting down catching our breath when some of the boys from our class asked if any of us would play in their game because they were 2 players down. At first we were reluctant because they are much better players than us but in the end we took turns to sub on. I was only supposed to go on once but one of the boys got injured so I got to go back on. In the end we smashed the other team (not literally of course but there were a couple of the opposition I was close to beating up) It was quite funny though
Because they boy I was defending was half the size of me so when I got the ball he couldn't reach it at all :P Well, that's about all. Nothing exciting has really happened this week but I'll tell you about it if something comes up!

Jaffa xx


  1. lol, yeah Jaffa!

    I used 2 play netball, and i was always taller than the other players!

    i read the Hunger Games again!

    too bad there's only 3...

  2. LOL DARN! I thought there would be cute boys and stalking! Two of my favorite activities! :)
    SOunds like you guys had a blast. AWESOME!!!!
    It's awesome how girls came to the rescue of the boys!

  3. Lol Kallista, I will try to post again soon but typing on my iPad can get annoying

  4. P.S I totally agree that GIRLS RULE

  5. Lol I've typed over 3800 words on a program on my iPod ('My Writing Spot', get it, its awesome) for the next part of my fanfic, and it can be Hell.

    *groan* I don't want to go back to school today :( I want my reflection...