Saturday, February 26, 2011


Hello peoples, I am updating once again.
First of all, just a quick note, I will not be starting my new fanfic just yet because my laptop died and it's hard to type a whole story on my iPad but I DO know the story line.

Well, my topic on this post is Basketball, mostly I just wanted to say that I had a totally lovely, kind and sweet (sarcasm) girl as my defender/attacker, I came VERY close to hitting her. Unfortunately we lost the game but I managed to score two baskets (is that what you call it in basketball?) which I'm EXTREMELY proud of :)

Finally I ask a request from you all, just think, pray (if you're religious) and keep in your hopes for all those affected by natural disasters and accidents. Please, that is all I ask.

Lots of love,
Jaffa xx

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Stuff that no one really cares about

Wow, second post in only a few hours! Aren't I fantastic? Yep, I knew you would agree. Anyway, this is just a list of songs I really like at the moment, I suggest you listen to them

F***ing Perfect-P!nk (there is a clean version of it without any swearing in it)
What the Hell-Avril Lavigne
Firework-Katy Perry
Better Than Revenge-Taylor Swift
Grenade-Bruno Mars
We R Who We R-Ke$ha
Waka Waka-Shakira
Mean-Taylor Swift
Raise Your Glass-P!nk
Forget You-Cee Lo Green (I personally prefer the Glee cover)
I'd Lie-Taylor Swift
I Gotta Feeling-Black Eyed Peas

(P.S. Kallista, if you read this, I'm sorry, but I did it again. I'd had a terrible day and my mum was at work. I'm truly ashamed)

World Affairs

I was reading Derek Landy's latest post and I feel incredibly guilty about taking advantage of what I have. All I wish to say is that I hope all those affected by earthquakes, fires, floods and all those other disasters will be ok. In hindsight I would like your opinion on something, instead of chatting on Derek Landy's blog (except for the absolute necessary, of course) I will start a new blog just so we can chat, tell me if you think I should.

Jaffa xx

Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Fanfic

I was re-reading my fanfiction and i decided that i hate it so i'm thinking about writing a new one.
Should i or Shouldn't i? comment and tell me

Jaffa xx

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Compliments and Smiles

In health class today we had to get some paper and write an anonymous compliment for everyone in the class. We have 18 people in the class so we got 17 slips of paper each and wrote one compliment for everyone. After we had handed them out we got to read our own. I figured out who some of the messages were from but i don't think that some of the boys really understood what a compliment acctually is. These are what a couple of the random one's that I recieved said:

Your tie is nice. (FYI, all the girls have the same tie)

Smart (Written by a boy. you were supposed to write a sentance)

Cool (Also written by a boy)

and my personal favourite

I don't know what to say.

Now here are a few of the ones that made me smile (I substituted my real name with Jaffa)

You are a nice and fun girl (i know who wrote that and suprisingly it was a boy)

Jaffa has a great sense of humour and defines differences to help out.

I love how you are intersted in books and have a wide imagination

Well, there you have it. Some compliments that made me smile and made me laugh.
I leave you with a random sentance
If life gives you LIMES rearrange them to spell SMILE

Jaffa xx

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

Ah, Valentines Day, the day when you can tell who's single and who's loved. Unfortunately i'm put in the SINGLE column. At school you could buy cupcakes for your Valentine, guess who didn't get one? That's right.........................ME! Anyway all I wanted to say is I hope you have a Happy Valentines Day and even if you don't have a Valentine this year, there is someone out there for you and you'll meet them eventually.


Jaffa xx

Friday, February 11, 2011

Twisted ankles and forced public speeches

I type this while sitting with a strapped up ankle and wearing blue facepaint.
So, you wanna know how all this happend? Well too bad if you don't, cause i'm gonna tell you anyway!

It all started on Monday at roll call. So at the beggining of each year we have this thing called the Commencement Day Service and the WHOLE school is there. Anyway, at roll call one of the teacher's said they needed 2 yr7's to speak at the service. No one volunteered so we all went off to class. Just before class started one of the teacher's found me and asked if I would be one of the speakers along with one of the boys because apparently i'd be perfect for the job. Of course I couldn't say no so i had to have a small speech ready for Wednesday. Oh the joy! (sarcasm in case you didn't catch that)

Tuesday: We had this thing called Enrichment Day so we didn't really have any proper classes. We were put in groups and we have to make magazine's. I got stuck in an alright group but we didn't really get much done. Apparently we'll have some more enrichment days so this could turn out to be quite interesting. I also made a new friend and she's sooo sweet. She got a music scholarship so at lunch that day she had to join the choir along with two of the yr7 boys who also got scholarships. You didn't need a scholarship to join the choir and she would've been the only yr7 girl do i said I would do it with her. It turned out to be quite a laugh and HEAPS of fun.

Wednesday: The day of the dreaded Commencement service. I ended up writing my speech on the bus on the way to school :P I sat there whilst we went through all of the usual stuff but then it was my turn to speak :O it went quite well and i managed not to stutter! Surprisingly, it was over quite quickly and we headed to class. During lunch I joined the orchestra which was cool. Nothing else really happend for the rest of the day.

Thursday: Nothing majorly exciting happend today. I found out I was swimming in the inter-house swimming carnival! That is NOT a good thing. I am now part of the under 13's school basketball team. I didn't really want to do basketball last year so I did softball but one of the girls on the basketball team left and they didn't have any reserves so they begged me to join. My first game's on Friday as is the swimming carnival.

Friday: This was probably the most exicting day of the week. We had normal classes until lunch time. In Science we got to heat magnesium! it was AWESOME! Anyway, at lunch we got changed into our sports clothes with our house shirts. I'm in the blue house called Long so i had a light blue shirt. So me and a couple of my friends who were also in Long painted our nails blue, got blue hairspray put on and had blue zinc put all over us, it was REALLY fun! When the carnival started we all stood and cheered for our teams. After about the first 2 races i slipped on this hill and hurt my ankle. I tried to walk it off but after 10mins it was still hurting so my friend took me to the clinic (the nurses office) to get some ice but no one was up there so we came back, after another 20mins it was still hurting so we went back but still no one was there. After about 30 more mins it STILL hurt so we went back up again, at the same time one of my other friends felt really sick and dizzy so we went up together. Luckily someone was up there so my friend was told to lie on one of the beds and i had to sit on a chair with my ankle propped up while i held ice on it. After about 30mins up in the clinic she strapped up my ankle and i went back down. Even though I wasn't planning it, i got to skip the race. At about 5:30pm the carnival finished (my team won! YAY!) but then I had to go straight to basketball, my ankle was a bit better so I played. i had never trained or played basketball before so it was an interesting expirience, my team won it was quite funny because we all had facepaint on us from the carnival! My ankle hurt afterwards but I'll survive :P

So that's what happened this week at school. Now I'm going to go and wash the paint off my face, have some panadol and climb into my lovely bed.


Jaffa xx

Thursday, February 3, 2011


As Dragona would say, hmmmmm.  
i'm thinking about changing my whole "high school is so fun" point of view. I seriously DON'T want to go to school today. ah well, it's almost the weekend :P