Monday, April 11, 2011


I am sooo sorry that I haven't updated for so long. The Internet crashed and the stupid people who are supposed to fix it took FOREVER! I mean seriously, the Internet only started working about half an hour ago! Anyway, in the time that has passed with no Internet HEAPS has happened. On the plus side though, im on easter holidays now so i have more time to write fanfiction! I cant even remember most of what has happend, but this is what I DO remember:

French test-Last week we had an end of term French test and I got 99 out of 100, so I was VERY proud of myself :)

Public Speaking-You may remember me mentioning the public speaking competition and my topic was bullying, well guess what? ................I WON! Yup, I got 1st place :P thank you to everyone who helped me!
This is what my speech was:

""Don't judge a book by it's cover" I'm sure you have all heard that statement before, but have you ever really given it much thought?

Good morning/afternoon chairperson, timekeeper and members of the audience, my topic today is bullying.

Everyday people are judged by what they look like or how they dress instead of their personality. Just because they dress differently, people tease them or stereotype them. For example, if they wear black? They're goth or emo. If they're a cheerleader? That automatically makes them a stupid ditz. It is a form of bullying.
Have you ever thought that perhaps someone wears black just because they like the colour? Or they're a cheerleader for sport instead of playing something like netball? So many people are outcast because of their religion, race, sexuality, disabilities or just because they don't wear the 'latest trend'. I think this needs to stop.

World war 2 was a good example of being an outcast and hurt just because of their religion. The Jews were sent to work hard or were executed because they they believed in something different to others. Or what about Muslims? The women cover their faces but if they go to some countries, they are forced to remove their veils. Has anyone ever thought that this may be an insult to THEIR religion?

Sexuality has been a major cause of bullying for years. Some people think it's 'wrong' to love someone of the same gender. If you're in love you're in love, right? Its not something you choose. So what's the harm in that? Just because someones gay, lesbian or bisexual it doesn't mean they don't have feelings.

Ah yes, looks. Something so many people get teased and bullied about everyday. If someones slightly overweight? They must be fat and not know what self control is. Or perhaps if they're really skinny they're anorexic. Have you ever thought about the people who starve themselves because someone called them fat even if they weren't? The people, girls most of the time but not always, who really are anorexic or bulimic as the result of bullying. Some people self-harm and starve themselves just because people say that they aren't perfect, well, NEWS FLASH nobody IS perfect.

The sad thing is, that these days, eating disorders are quite common. People are constantly called fat, or are told that they will never be pretty. But you wanna know the worst thing? After a while people start believing what others say and think that they have to change to fit in. Don't EVER change for someone else, be who you are! And if they don't like it, well too bad.

So many lives are lost each year because they were told they weren't right, whether it was because of their race, looks, religion, sexuality or so many other causes! It's all bullying in one way or another. And it NEEDS to stop.

Someone once said:
HER? The girl you just called fat? Shes been starving herself and has lost over 30 pounds. The boy you called stupid? He has a learning disability and studies over 4 hours a night. The girl you called ugly? She spends hours putting on makeup in hope that people will like her. The boy you tripped? He's abused at home. There's a lot more to peoples life than you'd ever understand. Actions speak louder than words...."

What do you think? I have to say that speech at another public speaking competition next month so wish me luck!

Netball-This weekend I had to play 2 games of netball because the older team needed an extra couple of players. In my first game we played really well but I almost passed out on the court. I have no idea what happened but in the end I sat the next quarter off but I was still hot right but my friends mum is a nurse so she said that I probably needed to boost my sugar levels so my mum went and bought me a sports drink and a packet of sweets :) I went on for the next quarter and was fine. Unfortunately we lost that game but then I had to go play for the older team immediately afterward. By the end of the second game I almost passed out again! I have no clue what happened to me but I'm alright now :P we won the second game which was good so in the end I had a quite eventful Saturday.

Now-Well, luckily my sister has gone on a horse camp and won't be back until tomorrow night so I get 2 full days with my mum! As an added bonus the internet is working again so I can talk to you people!! YAY!

I know I've missed stuff but I'll fill that in if I remember :P I promise, I'm working on my fanfic and it shall be posted soon!

Lots of love,
Jaffa xx


  1. Love the speech.

    Really great.

    Good luck with the public speaking!!!

  2. WOW! Amazing JAffa! Way to go girlfriend!
    *punches air*
    AMAZING speech!
    I can't stop smiling! Great job on...well...EVERYTHING!!!
    Good luck with your next public speaking event. You will ROCK THE HOUSE!!!!!
    I'M SO glad you are back!
    *hugs Jaffa*
    And I'm glad you are doing wonderful! :D
    Thanks for posting my friend!

  3. Jaffa, that's an AWESOME speech :D
    I couldn't agree more with what you said (:
    I hope you win!! :DD Good luck!!