Monday, April 18, 2011

So. Freakin. Tired

Two words-THE GYM. Actually that SHOULD be why I'm tired but considering I didn't actually GO to the gym this morning that isn't the reason :P The reason is cause I went for a 6km bike ride! SIX KILOMETERS! It wouldn't have been to bad except I haven't ridden a bike for almost two years! What happened was, I was at a friends house and we were bored so I borrowed her brothers bike at we went for a bike ride. Originally we were just going to ride out to one of the parks which would have been about 2km there and back but once we got there we thought it would be fun to got to the other park so off we went! We were fine until we got to the last hill before her house, at this point we went "Stuff this, I'm not riding up that" so we kinda cheated at walked up the hill :P so right now? I'm about to fall asleep on my feet and my legs and bum hurt from sitting on the saddle for several hours :/
I'm soooo tired! So nighty night!

Love and Laughs,
Jaffa xx

P.S did I mention we didn't have drink bottles or water for the whole ride?

P.P.S I have a new email address for the blogs so if you need me just click on my profile and press email :P

P.P.P.S my seven year old sister is dancing around the lounge room singing 'Lets Get Physical' by Oliva Newton-John. I have never been more embarrassed.

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  1. LOL
    Awesome Jaffa! Sounds like fun! Thats funny with your sister! LOL
    have a good nights rest my friend!