Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Horse Riding

Ok, this is just a quick update but I only just remembered this.
So the other day I had my horse riding lesson and I realised that where I have horse riding is on this giant estate thing and there's like this giant manor house thing that they give tours around. The other day I realized that it looks EXACTLY like how I imagined Elysium Asylum!
Weird or what? While I was riding I kept imagining all the adventures that we could have made happen there :)
Anyway, just thought you might want to know that :P

Lots of Love
Jaffa xx


  1. You should oughta take a picture of that. *nods decisively*

  2. Pretty cool Jaffa. Take a pic when you can. That would be fun to see. :D

  3. lol, and i LOVE horse riding Jaffa!

    that is very cool...and weird...

    i used to do horse riding...but i didn't do it this year!

    *chases after bob*

    BOB! come baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!!

    (Bob is the 1st and only horse to have bucked me off!)


  4. :D sounds epic. It's great to know you're back online as well.

    You really should take some pic of the place for everyone.

  5. Ooh Jaffa! Here's my o.c. Thing 4 v HG thing u asked 4!

    Name: Jade-Nakoma (Jade means courage and Nakoma means warrior, normally called Jade)
    Hair: gold, tangled, reaches her waist
    Eyes: emerald green, flakes of gold in them
    Appearance: Tall, slim with lightly tanned skin
    District: 11
    Other stuff: good with Shuriken and knifes, fiery mood


  6. @ Nyx - I've never been bucked off!

    ...I fall off perfectly well without the bucking. XD

    @ Jaffa - where'd the picture post go?

  7. @ Nyx-I haven't been thrown/fallen off a horse................yet

    @Ann-the pictures weren't coming up, I'll try again tomorrow