Monday, January 10, 2011

Spontaneous trip to the beach!

Ok, so on Friday, I'm just sitting here peacefully when all of a sudden my mum comes bursting in the front door after the gym and announces "Let's go to the beach!" so I said "Which beach?" so she says "Manly beach, it just seems like a nice day to go to the beach" I suppose I should tell you that Manly beach is 3 hours away. By this time it was about 8am, so we got dressed and got in the car and off we went! When we got there we found the best sweet shop, it had all British chocolate!!! Then we went and had breakfast at Max Brenna's (a very yummy chocolate cafe) then headed to the beach! I sat on the beach and read SP Dark Days while listening to my ipod. I would have gone in the water but there were heaps of Bluebottles (jellyfish that are potentially very painful) We didn't end up getting home until about 10:30pm! We had a great time but now there is sand all through the house, including my bed. Also, sand sticks to everything, why? it is absolutely pointless! What do you think?

Jaffa xx

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