Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Oh.My.Gosh. Tomorrow is my first day of HIGH SCHOOL! Well, half-day. The year 7s go in tomorrow afternoon so we can learn about where all the classrooms and stuff are. I have realised that I don't know approx. 1 quarter of my class! I only know about 4 of the new girls and NONE of the new boys! I'll let you know what happens tomorrow.

Jaffa xx


  1. JAFFA! Good luck! I'll be praying for you! As you continue to go to school you will get to know more of your classmates and I hope theat you will make a lot of good friends form them!
    Can't wait to hear how your day went!
    Remember! Yopu are just as good as the rest of them if not better! :)

  2. thanks, i'm off to school in about 2 hours! :O


    Piece of advice! The first group you meet can possibly be real douchebags. No offence. But that's what happened to me. So if they are, don't give up! You need to spend little amounts of time with everyone!

    Advice number 2! Do not follow the group around, staying glued to their heels! You have to walk next to them! If you walk behind, they start thinking that you are more of a stalker than a potential friend.

    Advice 3! Take hints! Don't let anyone tell you to bugger off! Don't let them say 'Well, i think you'd be better off with THAT group', because that means giving them the upper hand! If someone tells you that you'd be more suited to another group, reply 'Well, i think that ~I~ would know what group i fit in best, thank you very much!'
    But if they do say that, that genuinely means that they're real idiots. Because sooner or later, they'll need an awesome writer to help them with something (checking stuff, stories, poetry, etc)

    And last, but not least! Be ASSERTIVE!

    (Being assertive is like when you're waiting in the so-called 'line' at McDonalds, and the person at the counter asks 'Who's next, please?' And there is three people next to you, and so you step FORWARD before the others can, and take your order. But if they notice and say, 'Hey, i was here first!' You instantly back down, being polite. How can this relate to school? If your group is discussing a night out, or a movie, or a trip to the plaza, be assertive and say 'Oh, that sounds cool. I know that place well, can i come?' Most of the time they will be just sitting there, subconsciously waiting for you to step forward like that.)

    Now, if NONE of this advice works, don't listen to me, it's just that i had a bad couple of weeks at the start of this year.


  4. Lol, thanks Hellboy. Everything went pretty well though
    I made a couple of new friends but I still don't
    Know most of them. My first official day back is
    Tomorrow so I will try to update when I come home.

  5. Lol... I might have gone just a bit overkill in helping there...

  6. Good Luck Jaffa!

    Just be yourself and ummmmm EAT COOKIES!!! and tell people about Skulduggery Pleasant and stuff........yeah thats about it MAKE LOTS OF NEW FRIENDS TOO!!!!

    *starts singing* make new friends but keep the old ones one is silver and the others gold *trys to starts next round but gets hit in the head by a boot and tomatoes* OK I GET IT! sheesh everyones a critict

    GOOD LUCK!!!