Monday, January 10, 2011


THE GYM - Two words I thought could never cause me so much pain, let me explain. A few days ago when Mum went to the gym for Body Pump (the day we did the spontaneous beach visit) she had gone with a friend who's daughter is one of my good friends (Alex). So Alex's mum was trying to get her to go to Body Pump with them so she said that she'd go if I went. So this morning we got up at 6am for the class at 6:30am, Alex's mum, my mum, Alex and me went to the gym. We had to lift weights and do push ups and all that kind of stuff so now all my muscles REALLY hurt. Tomorrow I'm going back to the gym with Alex and her mum to do Zumba whilst my mum does another class. Going to the gym is good but PAINFUL.


  1. Wow! Good for you Jaffa! I see why you are hurting now! Hang in there! The pain goes away once your bodygets used to the excersise.
    And ZUMBA!!!! FUN!!!! XDDDD

  2. yeah, i'll be in more pain tomorrow, apperently your muscle hurt more the next day! Zumba should be really fun :P

  3. oooo, Jaffa you are going to hurt so much tomorrow, poor you!