Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Ok, I'm going to attempt to draw what I think Jaffa looks like and then try to post it but no promises it could take me a LOOOONG time!


  1. cool!

    jaffa's ur dog, right?

    what kind?

  2. he's a Kelpie/coolie cross. But i use the name Jaffa for my oc

  3. just finished drawing her but now i have to figure out how to download it

  4. Hi Jaffa! Looking forward to seeing some of your art work! :D

    Hellboy. If yu read this. Please come back to Derek's blog or yours!

  5. Cool! Can't wait!

    I read your stories, awesome work. Truly EPICA. (Epica is a word that is better than 'Epic'. I created it, and since i used it on your blog, it is open for your use now on whoever's blog you deem fit. Just remember, if they ask who made it, you tell it was me. Cos it was. :P)

    If you drew the picture on paper, you will have to find a scanner, or buy one, or borrow one from a friend/relative. Then scan it in, touch it up on a program, maybe, and then save it as a jpg or any other popular picture formats. Then just go into blogger, write what you wanted to, (make sure that the tab you are in is 'compose' and has all of the little things like bold text and italics.) and click the photo icon. Browse your documents, pic the photo, and viola, post. :D hope this helps.

  6. thanks hellboy, i've got a way though. my artwork isn't that good so don't have high expectations