Thursday, February 24, 2011

Stuff that no one really cares about

Wow, second post in only a few hours! Aren't I fantastic? Yep, I knew you would agree. Anyway, this is just a list of songs I really like at the moment, I suggest you listen to them

F***ing Perfect-P!nk (there is a clean version of it without any swearing in it)
What the Hell-Avril Lavigne
Firework-Katy Perry
Better Than Revenge-Taylor Swift
Grenade-Bruno Mars
We R Who We R-Ke$ha
Waka Waka-Shakira
Mean-Taylor Swift
Raise Your Glass-P!nk
Forget You-Cee Lo Green (I personally prefer the Glee cover)
I'd Lie-Taylor Swift
I Gotta Feeling-Black Eyed Peas

(P.S. Kallista, if you read this, I'm sorry, but I did it again. I'd had a terrible day and my mum was at work. I'm truly ashamed)


  1. Hey Jaffa! I love those song! Especially What the HEll, by Avril. LOL
    Now.....this is in response to your last two posts. Don't worry about making a blog to chat with. I don't think Derek minds that we are there. I made a post just for us after all. AS for the NZ tragedy, it's ok to be thankful that you and your loved ones are ok!
    I believe in God and say prayers on behave of the people of NZ and other places where poeple are suffering.
    I also say a prayer for you and all my friends.
    Thank you for sharing with me about what happened. Jaffa. You are to precious to let that happen. Life can get very tough sometimes. To tough to handle. There needs to be someone who you can trust and turn to when it gets that way. Someone who can help you find another way to relieve that horrible stress you feel. I wish I was there to give you help. Hang in there JAffa! Your a strong and awesome person!

  2. I will leave messages from time to time on your blog JAffa. So I am not leaving you. I'm just leaving Dereks.
    *hugs JAffa*
    Don't be so hard on yourself. I got you involved. And know what!
    It will be OK Jaffa.