Saturday, February 26, 2011


Hello peoples, I am updating once again.
First of all, just a quick note, I will not be starting my new fanfic just yet because my laptop died and it's hard to type a whole story on my iPad but I DO know the story line.

Well, my topic on this post is Basketball, mostly I just wanted to say that I had a totally lovely, kind and sweet (sarcasm) girl as my defender/attacker, I came VERY close to hitting her. Unfortunately we lost the game but I managed to score two baskets (is that what you call it in basketball?) which I'm EXTREMELY proud of :)

Finally I ask a request from you all, just think, pray (if you're religious) and keep in your hopes for all those affected by natural disasters and accidents. Please, that is all I ask.

Lots of love,
Jaffa xx


  1. Good job Jaffa! You have every reason to be proud. You made two baskets AND did not hit the horrible girl! :P
    Thanks for the reminder of those suffering from natrual disasters and accidents. Yes. I will keep them all in my prayers. :)

  2. I will leave messages from time to time on your blog JAffa. So I am not leaving you. I'm just leaving Dereks.
    *hugs JAffa*
    Don't be so hard on yourself. I got you involved. And know what!
    It will be OK Jaffa.

  3. Sorry Kallista, it's too late I've already done you know what again.
    I'll miss you, I sent you an email. I've also left Derek's blog, I felt horrid and guilty about what I did.
    *hugs Kallista back*

  4. JAFFA! NOOO!!!! COME BACK!!! I'll be here JAffa! I'll be here for you!
    *hugs JAffa*
    Now tell me you are OK! PLEASE!!!

  5. JAffa. I caused the problem. I will go back on if Derek forgives and says it's alright.
    AS for me....I can be such a martyr sometimes. I'll get over it. Now tell me you are ok!
    We will get through this.

  6. Kallista! It wasn't your fault, it was mine! Don't worry about me, ok? I'll be fine

  7. OK. I'll go read the email Just hang around ok? Otherwise I won't be able to sleep tonight.
    It hurts that I brought this on you JAffa. You and every one they are dear to me. I'm just an open wound right now and could not handle this past week full of negative things. I felt destroyed this week and these last few comments really got to me. They should not have.
    When you let ow what happens Jaffa, it hurt me caue I can't be ther to help you. Please don't feel bad aboout what happened. Somehow I will make it right. For you. For Dragona. For the others.

  8. wow dragona, haven't really seen u swear before.......

    I LIKE IT!

    (jk :D)

    i'll pray 4 v NZ peoples, and vat u go well in basketball!

  9. Well I suppose I was a bit angry up there. So just ignore them comments. Just please, both of you come back. You haven't done anything wrong, there's no need to leave.

  10. I was just angry with Alexandre, that's all. It's when I first read them comments. Just please, both of you come back. Neither of you have done anything wrong. So please, come back. Alexandre has no right to say what she did, just please both of you come back.

  11. Thanks for removing the swearing Dragona, if any of my friends were o read that they'd probably kill me. *in an uptight fancy tone* I ought to wash your mouth out with soap young man!

    Who knows? Staying off Derek's blog might mean I go to sleep before 4am

    Thanks Nyx, unfortunately we lost that basketball game.

  12. Jaffa, please don't go. You don't deserve it. Kallista is staying. Alright? Please please please please stay! You're an awesome friend, and the blog won't be the same without you! Please Jaffa!

  13. Everyone is just leaving because of them damn stupid people, although it's not your fault. Please stay Jaffa, I want all my friends here, and for them to be happy. If I can't have that, there's no point in me being here. If you want to back down against these people, then go ahead. I'll leave.

  14. And I will keep commenting on here until you stay, I don't care how long it takes. You haven't done anything wrong, you shouldn't have to leave. Damn Alexandre! I hate her. I will never ever give up to get you back Jaffa. So you better come back before I get angry.

  15. Good king with you Jaffa. Gotta go to bed cause my head is about to fall off!
    that would be interesting now, wouldn't it?

  16. @Nyx, yes, I'm staying

    @Kallista, now that would be entertaining! Lol, Dragona would have to use his magic Yorkshire pudding on you :P

  17. LOL JAffa!
    I tried to send you an email just now but something is meesed up wit the system right now. WIll try it again later.
    Hope you have an awesome day at school Jaffa!

  18. Thanks Kallista. I'm sure I won't, lol. Enjoy your day!

  19. Crap! I can't believe al the horrid typos I do. I don't even catch most of them :P

  20. JAFFA!!!!!
    *does the pancake dance while singing the Phantom of the Opera*

    *gets struck by 999,999,999 lightning bolts*