Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Compliments and Smiles

In health class today we had to get some paper and write an anonymous compliment for everyone in the class. We have 18 people in the class so we got 17 slips of paper each and wrote one compliment for everyone. After we had handed them out we got to read our own. I figured out who some of the messages were from but i don't think that some of the boys really understood what a compliment acctually is. These are what a couple of the random one's that I recieved said:

Your tie is nice. (FYI, all the girls have the same tie)

Smart (Written by a boy. you were supposed to write a sentance)

Cool (Also written by a boy)

and my personal favourite

I don't know what to say.

Now here are a few of the ones that made me smile (I substituted my real name with Jaffa)

You are a nice and fun girl (i know who wrote that and suprisingly it was a boy)

Jaffa has a great sense of humour and defines differences to help out.

I love how you are intersted in books and have a wide imagination

Well, there you have it. Some compliments that made me smile and made me laugh.
I leave you with a random sentance
If life gives you LIMES rearrange them to spell SMILE

Jaffa xx


  1. Lol, very nice Jaffa. I LIKE LIMES :)

  2. haha, smiling is good for you, so are limes :P

  3. *hugs JAffa*
    I bet the one boy who didn't know what to say is smitten with you! ;P
    LOL Really, I bet he wrote that on everybodys.

    I like the ending radom sentence Jaffa!

    *lobs limes at everyone*

  4. lol Kallista, i know which boy it was, it turns out we went to preschool together. he is really annoying

    *picks up a lime and makes lime juice*


    *brings out LIME minigun* Oh, you're all gonna get it NOW....

    LOL, 'I don't know what to say...'

    Very cool, Jaffa.

    I remember doing a similar thing back in year two at my old school. But instead we were randomly given a name and then we had to write and illustrate a card for that person. Funnily enough, i got the name for one the people i dislike the most- 'Mia'. (she left in year three, and that was so long ago that i don't think she even remembers me)
    So, being young and stupid (obviously, seeing as what i wrote), i wrote on the dotted lines after the words 'Thankyou for'. Guess what i wrote?

    "Dear Mia. Thankyou for *scribbly writing* stayinp awau frum me and my freinds at recess and lunch."

    Of course, she read it, got angry, told the teacher, and i had to write a nicer card.

    ...epic fail on my part, i would like to admit.

  6. Lol Hellboy, I think what you wrote was perfectly acceptable. Personally, I would like to write a note like that (maybe a bit more strongly worded) to one of the girls in my class.

    *fills water gun with lime juice and aims it at Hellboy "bring it on"*

  7. I'd fail if I had to write a compliment for everyone in my class.........

    if we got to bring it home, i would had wrote:

    You're nice

    .....then i would have copied it 27 times...............

  8. *catapults limes at everyone*