Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sometimes Shit Happens, And Sometimes it Gets Better.

So, an explanation of why I haven't been around... (If anyone cares)
As most of you know, I self-harm. Now, 3 of my friends (In real life) know this. Let's call them A, J and B. On the second last week on term 1, J went to the school councillor and turned me in. Apparently she was extremely worried. This was the day my life took a huge plot twist. J went to see the councillor at recess, next period I was pulled out of this talk we were having with an author (It was literature week) and sent to the councillor. After I came back down I was trying not to break down or lose it. I caught the last 20 minutes of the talk but then we still had 10 minutes of class left, as we left the talk I ran into B. Quick Sidenote: B is one of my best friends and I had a crush on him at this point. He noticed I was upset so he said he'd meet with me at lunch. So at lunch I pretty much broke down and told him everything. He was amazing about it. I ran into A & J at lunch and J had explained to A what happened. To put it nicely, I was pissed off. I was trying to be nice as I could but, what was I supposed to do?

A couple of days later, the school called my mum and now she and most of the teachers know, so I am extremely pissed at the councillor because not only did she tell everyone, I DIDN'T get to tell mum myself and now mum is sending me to a councillor outside of school... fun.

Now for the good news. One of my other closest friends, D, knows and he has been awesome. I'm still friends with A & J but sometimes it gets difficult and as of the 30th of April, B is my boyfriend. I actually have a boyfriend :D still trying to get used to that. The only annoying thing is that both B and D are in the year above A, J & me so we only get to hang out at Recess, Lunch and RPG (Role Play Games). So, there you have it. Sometimes it feels like I'm living in a novel and someone is writing out my life. For the record, I hate going to the councillor, but having great friends really helps.


  1. I can't argue with your title there, Jaffa. And of course we care :)

    J...well, that's kinda messed up. They shouldn't have done that, if you entrusted them with that info.

    And that councillor sounds like he was taught by a preschooler. My dad's a councillor, and one of the number 1 rules is that you're never, EVER meant to break the confidentiality of a client- you don't tell anyone else what you've heard. Not your fellow teachers, not your friends or even your family.
    To be honest, I wouldn't be able to be friends with J again after something like that.

    As for the boyfriend thing- if i could highfive you, I would. Congratulations, Jaffa :D I can't imagine how good that feels :)

    The councillor sessions...just...stare at them xD Fold your arms, sit back, and stare. Eventually, he'll have to break the silence, AND RIGHT BEFORE HE DOES, then start speaking. Continue to mess with his head >:D

  2. *hugs her epic sister Jaffa tightly* I care so much it HURTS sweetie. I HATE that you have had to go through so much pain! You are such a precious friend/sister!
    I am sorry J felt the need to go talk to someone else rather then you. I hope she knows better now. *hugs Jaffa again*
    It is AWESOME you have found such a wonderful friend who loves you and cares for you and is your boy friend now.
    I trust he is treating you as a princess as you deserve. *eyes the boy crazily*
    *noogies HEllboy* I like his advice Jaffa for the sessions with the councillor. Sounds like it would be more fun that way! :P
    It is lovely to hear from yo uagain sweetie! You are really a brave strong person. Keep hanging in there Jaffa. You are NEVER ALONE! <3