Friday, October 28, 2011


Ok, so this isn't gonna be a happy post, to be honest it's gonna be rather angry, but I promise I have and epic halloween post and a fanfic post coming up soon.

WARNING: There will be ALOT of swearing in this.

So today we were getting changed after sport and one of the pretty, skinny girls was complaining about how fat she was, and that PISSED ME OFF! I was so fucking upset that fucking SOCIETY makes people think that they need to skinny and like make up and have the 'perfect clothes' to fit in! Then the other day one of the girls said that one of the songs she was listening to was 'old' it had been out for TWO FUCKIN' WEEKS!!! I still listen to songs from YEARS ago and think they're cool, SO WHAT??
And when I brought some of that up in the change room? They laughed at me, they fucking LAUGHED at me!!! Then there's those people who go around calling people 'fags' or 'gay' or 'homo' as an insult. IT MAKES ME SO FUCKING PISSED OFF! Can't people learn some respect? Society is such a bitch. Causing people to think that's acceptable. It's so wrong! Stero typing, calling people names, discriminating, IT'S SO WRONG!!!! UUUGH!

Rant Over.

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  1. Amen, Jaffa. I know several people like that, who think they're ugly or fat or go on and on about how hot certain people are...Jesus, makes me just want to agree with them when they call themselves fat xP

    I have a couple of friends like this on fb, and I can't stand them...tbh, I only ever met them once irl, I'm off to do some cleanin' :D

    Something I can't stand is when people who have the barest grasp on good musicians, who's ipods have over a thousand songs from people they don't even know, start listening to, say, Calvin Harris' "Feel So Close". I don't know...It just pisses me off :P Almost like they either don't deserve songs that I like or they don't know anything else by the artist and only like the tune...neaaargh...

    Yeah, ain't it a bitch -.-