Saturday, October 22, 2011

New Fanfic!...again :P

Yes, yes, I know, yet ANOTHER shot at fanfiction but I actually like how this one turned out, let me know if you think I should continue it :) ENJOY!

The rain hit the tops of the large London houses, the noise of the water pitter pattering on the tin rooftops was almost deafening. The sky was grey up above and showed no signs of stopping the heavy falling droplets. Most of the streets were pretty empty, with only a few stragglers running towards the nearest shelters they could find. A young girl, no more that the age of 14 could be seen pulling her the hood of her too big jacket further over her in hopes of a little more shelter.
"Only a little further and I'll be there. The easy part's done, nothing else can go wrong." she muttered to herself trying to keep positive despite the circumstances. But as soon as she had said those words an bus came around the corner, the side wheels hitting a huge puddle right next to where she was walking. She got soaked. After a few seconds of panicked checking to make sure what she needed was still there she continued on her way even more wet and miserable than before. The dirty water from the bus had caused a huge brown stain on the side of her jacket.
"This is just not my day." she sighed defeatedly and continued on her way.


Several hours, train rides and some kind of illegal bus riding (she didn't have any money on her!) later she arrived at her destination, a huge manor house type place known as Elysium Asylum. She knocked three times before a girl with jet black hair and blue-green eyes opened the peephole.
"Password" she stated in a very official tone.
"Kallista, I'm not in the mood, you know it's me, just let me in!" the younger girl sighed in exasperation.
"Password" the girl said again.
"Kallista, don't make me say it, I swear, if you make me say it I will not be impressed" She huffed.
"Password" the girl stated for the third time. Letting out a resigned sigh, the first girl started to speak.
"Fine, 'Triple rainbow fudge happiness'"
Kallista giggled but opened the large doors.
"Jaffa! Good to see you again!" Kallista went in for a hug but stopped short as she noticed Jaffa's bedraggled appearance.
"I'd rather not talk about it, the important thing is that I got what we needed." At those words Jaffa dropped a rather full manila folder onto the worn dining room table. Kallista picked it up whilst Jaffa peeled off the sopping wet jacket and threw it down the laundry chute in the room next door. She turned back into the dining room to say goodnight to Kallista.
"Hey Kal?"
"Hm?" the older girl looked up from reading the folders
"I'm gonna have a shower and go to bed, ok?" Kallista dropped the folders back onto the table and jumped up out of the chair she was in.
"Aww, but everyones having a bonfire up at the back hill tonight, are you sure you don't want to come?"
"I would love to Kal but I'm cold, wet and tired, all I want right now is a hot shower and to go to bed. Say hi to everyone for me though." Kal gave her a sympathetic smile.
"Of course, we'll all get together and talk tomorrow"
After a quick, slightly damp, hug, both girls went their separate ways. Jaffa was lucky enough not to run into anyone else on her way up to her room, it's not that she didn't want to talk to anyone it was just because she was far too tired. After what felt like forever she reached her room. Everyone knew it was hers because of all the bright decorations hanging on her door, that and the huge sign that said 'Jaffa's Room' in bold writing across the front of the door. She pushed it open and made a beeline towards the bathroom. She turned so she could see her back in the mirror and gently pulled her shirt over her shoulder, there was blood everywhere. She had been lucky that Kallista hadn't noticed it other wise she'd be stuck with questions she didn't really want to answer. Wincing as she pulled the shirt further down her shoulder to expose the rest of the injury. Her usually pale skin was stained with blood and the huge gash stretching from the top of her right shoulder diagonally across her back to the back of her left ribcage. In fact, a small chunk of her right shoulder had been, what looked like, cut out. Wincing once more as she pulled her shirt off, the dried blood sticking to it causing fresh blood to flow freely. Quickly undressing, she stepped into the shower letting the hot water fall over her resisting the urge to cry out when the water hit her injury. After about 20 minutes she stepped out and after fixing the wound as best she could, slipped on some of her favourite pj's and clambered into bed. Jaffa knew she should probably tell the others about her injury but she also knew that they wouldn't be too impressed with her if they found out how she had received it. Finally, after a quick internal debate she decided she wouldn't tell them until absolute necessary and just hoped that those acting classes she had when she was younger would pay off. She'd just settled down under the big, fluffy duvet when there was a light knock on the door.
"Come in." she called lightly and marked the page in her book.
"Good to see you here again Jaffa"
She looked up to see what appeared to be a man of about the age of 25 standing at her door.
"Israel!" she exclaimed and jumped up to give him a hug, momentarily faltering from the pain in her shoulder but quickly continuing on, hoping he hadn't noticed. He did, but chose not to mention it.
"Shouldn't you be at the bonfire with the others?" she questioned.
"Kallista mentioned you'd arrived so I thought I'd come up and say hi, and also congratulate you on your amazing skill at getting those folders, quite an achievement."
Jaffa flushed pink and looked at the ground.
"Anyway, I'd best be getting back to the others and letting you sleep, I'll get everyone together and we can all talk tomorrow."
"Ok, night night Israel, make sure Kal said hi to everyone for me!" she flashed him a sleepy smile and crawled back into bed.
"Will do. Night Jaffa." Israel flicked off the light and quietly closed the door. Jaffa was sleeping peacefully for the first time in weeks

Sooo, what did ya think? I'm actually pretty proud of this one :) let me know if you think I should continue it or, well, not. :)

Jaffa xx


  1. I do think you should continue it.

    *waits* ^^

  2. i liked it! :) please write more soon!
    im curious as to how she recieved that injury...
    very well written :)

  3. XD Epica, Jaffa! I can't wait for the next part!

    Cheers for putting Israel in and using EA :D

    *wonders what the manilla folders contained*

  4. WOW JAFFA! I LOVE IT SO MUCH! *hugs her*
    I can't WAIT to see what happens! you MUST write more now and not keep us waiting!