Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Ok, just a quick note. I'm re arranging my blog a bit and I probably won't finish until at earliest Friday. So of stuff is missing DON'T FREAK!!! :P

Jaffa xx


  1. Sorry we haven't commented for a while -___- Complicated things have been happening on the blogs.

    I'm glad you've started watching Glee. (althought I can't stand shows like that, well...If there was an episode on with Darren Criss, then I'd watch it that one time xD I mean, what? I wouldn't watch Glee whatsoever...noooope)

    Where did you learn that they are making a threequel :O

  2. What's happened on the blog? Should I be over there? Is everyone ok?

    Darren Criss is now a regular on Glee :D Nick Lang and a couple others from the show said that if they can get everyone together then there will be a Threequel in 2012 XD you're a Starkid fan as well then?

  3. JAFFA!
    *hugs forever*
    I fell asleep earlier! I am still recoverin gfrom being ill and I guess I was more tired then I thought. I was sad to miss you.
    Am still a bit groggy. AM going to bed now.
    Hope to see you soon my friend!
    *hugs again*