Friday, December 24, 2010

Carol Service

Ok, last post until you've caught up, I promise. So on the second last day of school, in the evening we come back into town and have what we call a Carol Service. You might have noticed that this week's video's are of the Christmas Carol, Once in Royal David's City. There is a reason for this! This year are could audition to do a solo to that song at the service, it ended up I was to do it as a quartet with some of my friends. In an unfortunate turn of events there was alot of rain and it flooded! The part of town I live in was blocked by traffic because only one bridge was open. So it ended up my mum, my sister and I walked ankle deep in water through the flood and made it just in time!! Then the next day we had a two hour service then school was finished for the year. My best friend and I had to catch the bus but only one bridge was open and we were stuck in traffic for an hour and a half and missed half of the service!!! Those are 2 days I'll never forget!
If you have any wacky stories comment and tell me!!


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