Monday, December 5, 2011

Rabbits, Summer and Dying My Hair.

Hey everyone!!

How are you all? Sorry for the slow updates but they will be quicker now because IT'S SUMMER!!!! :D School broke up on Thursday so I'm free for summer!!!!!
On that note. The first thing I did was me and my friends dyed our hair (wash out dye of course) my hair is now temporarily dark reddish purple and I'm thinking of dying it dark red later on this summer :)

Now, bunny rabbits. Me and my sister have recently accquired a baby bunny rabbit each (I'll post some pics later) Mine is grey and his name is Dapper and my sister's is white with brown patches who she named... Patches :P

Because it's summer I now have more chance to chat with you guys which'll be fun!! Hope to chat soon!

Jaffa xx

P.S My next letter should be up with in the hour :)

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